Family owned and operated, PediStat has been serving the South Florida pediatric community with distinction since 1990.
Our longevity ensures that our clients will be serviced by an exceptionally professional and experienced company.

What makes pedistat unique


Our Pediatric Specialty

PediStat is devoted exclusively to the needs of the pediatric patient. Our pediatric specialty ensures that our clients will get equipment and supplies that are designed specifically for children and their requirements. Our staff is expert in easing the transition from hospital to home for the families of technologically dependent children.

Our Reputation

Over the course of three decades, we have earned a reputation for excellence. We have established long standing relationships with pediatric doctors and hospitals throughout South Florida and are one of the leading durable medical equipment providers for the Florida Medicaid program.

Our Staff

Our President and CEO is a Registered Nurse. Our administrator is a Respiratory Therapist. This guarantees the most sophisticated level of care and service to our fragile client population. They are longtime residents of South Florida making them especially sensitive to the local culture and population.
Our Mission

our mission statement

PediStat is a privately owned, for profit, Home Medical Equipment company established to provide state of the art medical equipment and supplies to pediatric patients in need of prescribed medical intervention. PediStat is dedicated to providing the highest quality equipment, education, and service to all qualified individuals in South Florida. Our staff strives to meet the needs of both our clients and our referral sources with professional distinction and a commitment to quality healthcare.

About the Founder

Dr. Abraham Chames
Dr. Abraham Chames, co-founder of PediStat and PediPec, passed away, suddenly, in 2008. Dr. Chames embodied the commitment of PediStat and PediPec to medical professionalism and compassionate care. Compassion was the animating force of his life’s work. His acts of kindness for his patients, employees, community and people of all walks of life were the stuff of legends. His impact was so powerful that a local high school was renamed for him after his untimely passing.

Dr. Chames was a driven man. But he was not driven by materialism or the need to succeed at any cost. Instead, he was driven by a boundless love that did not discriminate. His infectious love became the inspiration for the motto of the companies he established – We Love Our Kids. He was a larger-than-life personality who was a friend to all, especially to the smallest and most helpless among us.

We are proud to dedicate this site to his cherished memory.

His infectious love became the inspiration for the motto of the companies he established – We Love Our Kids.