PediSmiles is a community project sponsored by PediStat and PediPec in partnership with South Florida’s leaders in healthcare. Our goal is to bring joy to children with complex medical issues through our many hospital and community wide Smile programs.

Our mission

PediSmiles Volunteers Bring Laughter To The Faces Of Sick Children

PediSmiles volunteers bring laughter to the faces of sick children when they visit local hospitals dressed as popular cartoon and movie characters. Hospital officials tell us that this laughter is rare and sorely needed. At PediSmiles our mission is to turn the rare into the commonplace.
At Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

Fun With PediSmiles

PediSmiles, in conjunction with the Child Life Department of many local children’s hospitals, conducts “slime” workshops where PediSmiles staff bring all the necessary ingredients for creating sticky, stretchy, colorful fun!

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