What our clients are saying


As a parent of a disabled child things can be very challenging. I am so grateful for the Pedi Pec staff. For many years they have helped take care and protect my child. They provide many services such as physical & speech therapy. They have amazing teachers and other outside help that comes and help with the children. The love given to each child and parent is beyond measure. Your child will thrive and flourish with the Pedi Pec Staff. Not only are they a Medical Godsend but they are FAMILY.


Parent of D.F.

PediPec is such an amazing daycare/school for children with special needs/disabilities. Since joining the group, a year ago, my daughter has made great strides despite her challenges. PediPec has such an attentive and caring staff who make sure my daughter is comfortable and happy. They treat all the children as their own, it’s such a great feeling to know she is safe. They always make sure I am well informed of my child’s progress throughout the day. As a mom who works full-time like many, the daycare accommodates with the flexibility of being open 12 hours a day. The center itself is warm, inviting, and clean. Choosing PediPec was the best decision I could’ve made for my child, highly recommended.


Pedistat Parent

My daughter has been coming to PediPec for 6 years now. She is cognitively impaired, non verbal and has seizures. This is the only place that I trust with my daughter. The place is always clean and the staff of nurses, CNAs and therapists are excellent. They really go above and beyond and you can see that they truly care about your child.


Pedistat Parent

When I first discovered PPEC existed, I was discouraged to send my son to a PPEC. I don’t know about other PPEC centers, but I could speak very highly of PediPec. I feel safe, secure and comfortable leaving my child every day. Every morning, Nuri races me out of the car when we arrive at Pedi Pec. He says “Mom, pick me up at 5” and off he goes, not looking back. During the weekend, he talks about the staff and the students so much that I’ve learned their names through him. Once, I picked him up, and a staff member and myself walked through the door at the same time. Nuri didn’t know who to hug first! This tells me that Nuri is in good hands. It gives me the peace to go about my day without worrying if my son is being properly cared for. I know that I made the right choice by choosing PediPec.


Pedistat Parent

Why PediPec?

We’re qualified

We're Florida licensed and prescribed pediatric extended care facility (PPEC)

We're Local

North Miami-Dade, Broward & Palm Beach counties

We're healthcare professionals

We're staffed by nurses & nursing assistants

We're available

Up to 12 hours a day for ages 0-20

We're flexible

We provide summer and after school programs

We're comprehensive

We provide physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapies

We’re free

We're fully covered by Florida Medicaid

We’re multilingual

We're Spanish and Creole speaking

We’re educational

We have teachers on staff

We’re convenient

We provide door-to-door transportation